How to control your stress and anxiety at work

It’s an undeniable fact that everyone may encounter stress and anxiety no matter what job they’re doing. Whether it comes from internal or external factors, it probably makes you feel burned out and brings about ineffective work performance and poor psychological well-being. If you let it continue like this, it can eventually lead to long-term chronic stress. That’s why our article today is to suggest ways to handle your stress and anxiety at work.  

Useful tips to help you control your stress 

  1. Find the cause of stress

You cannot deal with stress if you don’t know the root of the problem. You should be able to control your emotions when there are situations or coworkers that make you feel dissatisfied. 

  1. Start from small step to bigger step

Thinking big may not always be good, since it comes together with a great deal of stress. In fact, it’s unnecessary to set a high goal each day, and it’s okay if you have nothing in your head yet. Just take step by step from your regular morning routine to evening. For example, you should answer the questions ‘What do you want to do after waking up?’ or ‘Which clothes do you want to wear today?’ By doing this, you will realize that even not doing something big can also make you become productive, and it helps maintain both your physical and mental health.  

  1. Do not blame uncontrollable factors

You may not notice, but sometimes your stress may come from uncontrollable factors, such as health conditions. Some people put too much pressure on themselves because their body condition is not that good, but they forced themselves to be active. Remember that your body condition is something out of control, so you have to go easy on yourself when there is something wrong with your body. 

  1. No multitasking

When you have to multitask, it is unavoidable that you will be stressed because you have to do everything by yourself. Therefore, in order to fix that, you have to organize and prioritize your work beforehand in order to decrease the chance of multitasking. 

  1. Take a break

Getting enough sleep is another way to get rid of stress. Perhaps you should listen to music, drink herbal tea and read a book, or take time to watch your favorite movies. If you have trouble sleeping, try natural remedies before using sleeping pills from a doctor.    

  1. Seek some helpers

When you think you have reached your limit, you have to find someone to help you. It could be your co-workers, friends, or your supervisor. Sometimes, if you are still overwhelmed by stress, talking to a psychologist is also a good decision as they are a professional who could help you for sure. 

When you do your job, you definitely have to confront stress. However, it is not that hard to control it if you understand yourself. In any case, if you think it is too much for you to handle, you can hire a professional to help guide you through the crisis. 

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