The Marketing and Automation

One of the factors that could help the business be successful is automation. In the marketing field, automation is a significant tool to increase engagement for each business. It helps the customers find the product of their need easier and it also helps business owners gain more recognition. The automation working process is done by using technology to work on manual repetitive tasks. It is frequently used in tasks that take time to finish for employees, such as data collecting or information categorizing. It is a quick and easy way to finish consecutive tasks because it will never get tired or bored. 

However, before you decide to use automation, we recommend that you need to know all the processes and details in your company. Some tasks aren’t worth it to automate because they may not be worth the price or time. In your marketing segment, you should consider whether automation will help your business more successfully or not.

Why must Marketing Automation be in the public eye?

Nowadays, it’s well known that digital business technology plays an important role. To meet the needs of customers and achieve sales and profits, most companies or business owners pay attention to using technology or software to analyze customers’ behavior through various sales channels, especially online markets. So how do they do it? Let us illustrate with the help of an example: Customer A is interested in buying product A, so he searches for the product’s name on online platforms. Under Marketing Automation will focus on customer experience and their browsing history. When customer A visits the website three times, he still refuses to contact you. In this case, you can submit content about your product and service to them by e-mail and advertisements. These can happen automatically according to your setting. Therefore, using Marketing Automation to promote a brand not only gives people access to your goods but also attracts a customer who is willing to use or look for your product and service.            

How Marketing Automation can help you? 

  • Understand customers’ needs: The good thing about automation is that it can collect customers’ information. For example, it shows you what kinds of products or services customers like or which factors attract customers to buy each product? Thus, when you understand more about your customers, you will be able to deliver your message more relevant, and straight right to the point. Always remember, before you pitch your product to them, you must consider the purchaser’s behaviors.
  • Preserve your customer base: Marketing automation could help you serve the customers and increase customers’ satisfaction. It also decreases the chance of customers being neglected because it can update the information in no time, so the customers will always get updated about your brand right away. Plus, this automation can help you increase engagement for new customers and re-engagement for your regular customers as well.
  • Enhance work performance:  Because automation is a digital tool, it could help you with tasks that don’t need to be thought about, such as email sending, filling in the information, etc. Thus, it could help you save employees time as automation could help you do these repetitive tasks.

Common elements of marketing automation according to NGDATA:

  1. List and Segmentation 
  2. Lead Scoring
  3. Triggers
  4. Actions

As you can see, automation could help you a lot in the marketing field and others as well. However, it’s like a double-sword because sometimes, it may not be worth it to use automation since humans can do better than it. Our Get Unstuck Method could analyze for you whether your company needs automation in which segment, just contact us at 

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