How OKRs help you Success in your Business

When doing business, the important thing is to set a goal. Of course, it’s a basic thing for every entrepreneur to think about. However, is goal setting important or strong enough for them to follow? Today, we would like to present about OKRs that help you firmly set your goal and be successful in your business.

What is the OKRs framework?

Objective Key Result is known as ‘OKRs’ is a goal-setting to help you measure success by Andy Grove, CEO of Intel Corporation. OKRs refers to the objective and the key result that would help people to be successful easier. Under the objective people must determine a goal that they want to achieve. While the key result is the tool that measures whether you have achieved your goal. The suggested time to set an objection is a quarter or every 3 months, and for the key result, it needs to be reviewed weekly or monthly because one objection has only 3 months to finish and achieve it.

What are the advantages of OKRs?

  • Help you stay focus 

Once you establish OKRs, your goals have been narrowed down, and you probably stick to them. Your goals can be more than one, but the suitable number should not exceed 5 points. The more your goals are, the more you focus on many things at the same time which can cause confusion and lack of continuity if you can’t prioritize each goal.

  • Increase alignment

After the goal was set, now it’s time to do it. The executors, managers, and contributors will work by having a company’s future mission in their minds. For this reason, they have to increase their alignment with each other. The fact that a company that has a strong alignment will tend to be the top performer, so it can increase the chance of their success.

  •  Build up your commitment

When you have passed the process of focusing and aligning, the next thing that you should be concerned about is commitment. It’s about your OKRs that are ready to be scheduled, accomplished, and delivered. Moreover,  we suggest you arrange apparent signals in order to make everyone in your team members thoroughly understand. For instance, it can be done by using Google Sheets or any OKRs software.  

  • Tracking

It’s helpful to save your time and avoid complications by tracking OKRs from the key result when you have to prevent slippage. Most companies can manage their organization or teamwork by using the tracking OKRs metric to make their employees have a clear understanding of how their individual work to meet their objective.     

  • Stretching is also necessary

The OKRs help your organization think beyond the framework and seek more than you thought would be possible. However, if there is something wrong and the objective needs to be changed, you have to go with the flow. You need to remember that OKRs doesn’t help you just to be successful, but it also helps you learn and enhance your performance.

  • Make your goals more flexible 

OKRs is different from other long-term plans because your goal is short, and can be modified. Normally, the period of time of strategic OKRs is probably 1 years. Besides, for new or start up businesses, the tactical OKR cycle can be around 6-8 weeks. 

The OKRs could help you see your goal more vivid and clearer since it contains both objective and the key result for you to consider. By using OKRs and understanding how it works, it could help you have a strong goal and the urge to pursue it.

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