Using Scrum and Agile Methodology to Develop a Perfect Teamwork

The process in the company may vary depending on the system or preferred process. One of the processes which are mostly used in Startup business is Agile. It helps work run effectively and decreases the mistakes commonly found in the end before finishing the project. Today, we will take you for a tour to know more about Agile and Scrum.

What is Agile?

According to Cprime, Agile is a working method of software development from iterative development that helps foster collaboration and teamwork in business.

The essential keys of Agile 

  • No boundary in teamwork

  Applying Agile in the work process means the employees have to finish the project together. Whenever they find problems, they can fix them together right away. Besides, this process allows employees to interact with each other and enhance their cooperation. A team will include employees from different departments and they let their clients be involved in the work process from the beginning.

  • Flexibility

The Agile process will not stick to the same plan as the requirement can be changed anytime. The point is to always be flexible depending on real circumstances. 

  • Make mistakes

The faster they make mistakes, the better they are. Because they have to work in a long process, it will be a waste of time if they find mistakes or something out of their plan in the end. Working in an Agile process will let employees make mistakes and fix them as soon as possible to prevent the mistake to the point of no return. 

  • Update progress frequently

As it is a big plan and an important project, the teams will send work progress to their teammates and clients for review frequently, mostly every 2 or 3 weeks. They will not wait until they finish everything, but the team will always update to assure their clients about their progress.

What is Scrum? 

According to Guru99, Scrum is a subunit in Agile which has a process in saving time when software development teams send business values. The way it works is to quickly examine real working software over and over again.  

How Scrum in Agile works effectively

The concept of Scrum in Agile has its main objective is to reduce the duplication of problems, including ease steps during work and help people work flexibly to handle frequent changes from vision and user stories. This framework focuses on ‘working together’, not being partisan. There are three main positions of Scrum in Agile framework: 

  1. Product owner responsible for evaluating the values and priorities of tasks for team members and making decisions about what to do and why.
  2. Scrum master serves to assess issues that may happen on the way, and eliminate those problems out to make the work streamlined. 
  3. Team is everyone who can work called ‘self-management’, which is one team consisting of 4-5 people and includes all departments to be team building such as testing, programmer, designer, etc. For this reason, one team can work from upstream to downstream on their own without crossing positions.  

If there are some problems during the process, you will be able to fix it immediately. Therefore, the sooner you encounter problems and errors fast, the faster you can fix them. This is one technique of Scrum in Agile Framework. 

What are the differences between Agile and Scrum?

Agile is regarded as a software development that matches with small environments that have proficient project development teams. However, Scrum is often used when the requirements in a project swiftly change. 

While Agile requires members of different cross-functional teams to join in collaborations and face-to-face interactions. Collaboration in Scrum includes inflexible roles such as scrum master or product owner during a daily meeting.

Agile Methodology must always have delivery to the end-user in order to know the feedback of clients. In contrast, the delivery process in Scrum occurs after each sprint. Moreover, Agile can commonly be classified into 3 stages: requirement, analysis, and design which keep monitoring in the lifecycle. On the other hand, Scrum focuses on the demonstration function at the end of each sprint.

You can adapt both Agile and Scrum in your work process as you already know about their advantages. It helps your work performance run smoothly and more effectively. 

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