Is ISO 9100 necessary for a startup?

For startup businesses, receiving the ISO certification may not be vital that much as it costs some money and pressure for the owners. But, when it comes to the decision about how important ISO certification is to startup businesses, we would like to share some information for you to consider.

What does ISO refer to?

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an organization that issues various standards related to business and industry to certify the system of management and operations of establishments in each country to be the same standard throughout the world. There are many different ISO standards that cover all types of business, and each ISO has its own function. The name starts with ‘ISO’ and ends with a number to distinguish the kind of standard, such as ISO 9000 (quality of management system), ISO 9001 (the requirements for the quality management system), etc.

For this article, we will introduce the essential details of ISO 9100, why it is important and suitable for entrepreneurs who are being a startup.

ISO 9100 and startup businesses

The ISO 9100 certification is to ensure that your organization is trustworthy and all the processes can be validated. Also, it guarantees that your employees know how to perform their work and know their responsibilities. Every detail in the organization will be noted and can be checked all the time in order to prevent any mistakes. Plus, it can increase the recognition for your business as it guarantees that your organization is at the same level as other big companies that receive this IOS. It costs you some money to receive this but considering the benefit that you’ll get afterward is something that you should think about.

Some benefits that ISO 9100 can bring you: 

  • The process mapping

One of the cores of ISO 9001 is process mapping, and this map offers you ways to follow such as what should be done and how things work. It may include ideas, decisions, input, outputs, etc. Importantly, your new employees will have a guideline to pursue and know the scope of their duties.  

  • New goal, New chance

When you get ISO 9001 certification, it allows you to set goals since its major factor is about establishing goals and objectives. Moreover, it will open new business opportunities in wider fields for start-ups. For example, if competitors don’t get certificates, your company will gain more competitive advantage that makes customers decide to use your products or services and place reliance on you. Besides, after you get the ISO 9001,  you can get more ISO standards to boost up the growth of your company to be globally accepted, and catch up real-world issues such as Environmental Management (ISO 14001).

  • Meet customers’ expectation

Having ISO 9001 will help you understand the needs of customers since its process aims at customer satisfaction. Therefore, you can analyze and evaluate data and feedback to improve better quality of products and services that suit your targets.

  • Risk  management

Maintaining the ISO 9001 standard, it helps you be prepared to manage risks, and deal with uncertainties which can lead to the productive performance of employees and organizational improvements. 

If you’re thinking of building a brand to be a national or global brand, ISO is an important laissez-passer. Since it is considered an international standard measurement accepted by many countries. Let’s follow Get Unstuck Method to get more content at and stay tuned for our product and membership promotion!

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