Turning the disadvantaged negotiation into your success

Negotiation is an unavoidable process that you have to do if you work in a business field. It’s simple, but it doesn’t mean it’s easy. There are many skills required for an excellent negotiator, and sometimes, you have to accept the loss of benefit in order to get something more in return. In today’s article, we’ll provide you a guide to change your negotiation disadvantage points into your success.

What are the disadvantages when it comes to negotiating?

  1. Lack of experience: If you are younger or have less experience than your negotiators, you may feel like you’re being controlled.  
  2. Race or gender: It’s a sad fact that race or gender have something to do with the negotiation process. Sometimes, you have to negotiate with a male-dominant industry or if you are a minority, you’ll be likely to be overlooked.
  3. Culture differences: The difference between cultures can create a boundary of understanding between cultures.
  4. Personality: Some people don’t have negotiation skills or some people don’t know how to negotiate properly.

Recognize and accept your weaknesses

If you’re complicit in denying the disadvantage exists, you cannot turn a weakness into a strength. Thus, you should recognize that you have disadvantages and consider what they are.

Here are a few tips for learning to accept our own weaknesses for personal growth:

  1. Self-knowledge: It’s the first step to achievement. So, ask yourself what are your disadvantages. Then, you have to accept these weaknesses. It doesn’t mean changing your disadvantage, but it’s dealing with it!
  2. Understanding your disadvantage: The first thing is that you must understand your disadvantage is only perceived as such. The result of negotiation does not depend on one’s personality, race, or other conditions. In fact, it relies on what occurs in the negotiation itself.

Turn your disadvantages into way of success

  • Recognize and comprehend the need of others 

The quality of being aware of what others want is rare and beneficial. Try to think about their objectives, goals, feedback, or outcome that they expect from your negotiation. By doing this, you’ll be able to know how to make negotiation better. 

  • Delivery information

Giving information and allowing others to send reactions or feedback is one of the most shrewd strategies that can help you reach your negotiation goals. Moreover, when cautiously listening, and receiving comments from others, it makes you accumulate new useful knowledge, and improve your communication skills.  

  • Prioritize the most important things

The fundamental thing that you should do before beginning to negotiate is manage what should be done first, and what should be considered next. For example, you should think about what you want to accomplish in negotiation. Plus, you can prioritize things by creating to-do lists because it helps you stay concentrated, and use your time wisely.

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