A brief to Lead Generation

Before deciding to sell the products, the company must observe and find information about customers’ interests, in order to turn them into sales. Currently, online marketing plays an important role in selling, so the company will monitor its customers through a web form. This process is called ‘Lead Generation’ and we’ll explain it briefly to you.

What is lead generation?

Lead generation can be considered as a center of the sales funnel for B2B companies since the products of this type of company tend to cost thousands of dollars. Hence, there is just a slight chance that customers will buy the products on their website. By collecting the lead, the company will have a chance to nurture potential customers through email marketing. It could be said that lead generation is important because of e-commerce and email marketing.

How do lead generation work?
Lead Generation can be done in several ways. From the simple and uncomplicated methods to how to bring in advanced technology tools to help. Brands can do it themselves or rely on Lead Generation Agency, depending on your company’s expectation results, goals, and budgetary constraints.
The following are some of the key ways that a lead gen company will normally offer a number of services:
1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a digital marketing strategy that appears on search engine results pages primarily through paid advertising, such as Google, Yahoo, etc.
2. Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn can provide you with an opportunity to increase getting traffic from your customers by posting your content to online platforms or making a payment for advertising.
3. Display Ads is making a billboard in various forms such as image, animation or video through the purchase of online media space (such as Google, Facebook or Youtube) with the goal of communicating and convincing customers to be interested in a product and service. 

Ways to generate leads

  1. Do survey research: the first thing that you should do when generating leads is to collect market research in order to get a new target. There are several factors that you need to focus on, such as the target’s age, salary, or buying behaviors. All of these can help you enhance your business marketing campaign to be better performance.
  2. Select suitable channels of promotion: channels that you choose can affect your product engagement such as social media, blogs, emails, etc. Here are some examples. Promotional channels like email can get in touch with former customers, and they will be able to explore more content. Also, a free sample of product is a channel that can make customers assure that your brand is something that they are looking for.
  3. Create a plan to accumulate important data: gathering data is useful for your lead generation software or similar tools that customers have an interaction with. 
  4. Launch new leads: when you promote your brand on different channels, especially social media, it allows your target customers to reach your product or service. 

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