Get to know inbound marketing

The very first problem when you run a new business is to question how the customers will find your company. Of course, the process has to be natural and don’t make the customers feel like they are being stalked. Today, we’ll present you with inbound marketing to help you gain recognition from the new customers.

What is inbound marketing?

First and foremost, we’ll explain what inbound marketing is. It’s the process that helps potential customers find your company easier. Plus, it comes with many forms of pull marketing, such as blogs, events, social media, etc. to create brand attraction. It helps you approach potential customers by not making them feel stalked because the content will be delivered as educational or entertaining that are welcomed by the customers. Apart from that, an inbound marketing program will let you engage with your customers at any time. It’ll also help you with the qualified leads for much less budget than traditional marketing. It can be considered one of the strongest types of marketing as you have the power to give the exact answers to your potential customers.

Here are four benefits of inbound marketing
Inbound marketing uses techniques to naturally reach your customers. Also, it doesn’t spend money on ad space. Before you follow this guide, let’s take a look at the benefits your business will receive first.
1. Save on costs
When you start to run a business, the first thing you should keep in mind is the ‘cost’. Inbound leads are more cost-effective for companies of all sizes in a way that is cheaper than outbound marketing.
2. Build trust and brand awareness
If you want to create a brand and build awareness about your company, including changing people’s perceptions of your product. Inbound marketing is the perfect solution. It not only allows you to spread the content and build your brand to be known but also this will lead to even more sales in the future.
3. Drive traffic for quality leads
To satisfy the needs of your target group, inbound marketing can help you drive traffic and attract leads who are more likely interested in your product and solution by drawing the correct reasonable leads and traffic.
4. Create a customer loyalty base from interaction-talk
Connecting with your users on social media can help you to build a sense of community and belonging, including a better understanding of how to improve your products, services, and other solutions. Moreover, if you can encourage your customers to become your brand loyal and make them feel involved in your company, they’re more likely to have positive fellowships.

 4 steps of inbound marketing
1. Attract:
The first step is to capture the attention of people who don’t know your brand, and make them recognize it. After turning strangers into visitors, you have to use promoting platforms to maintain brand awareness such as Facebook or Instagram. Moreover, using marketing tools like SEO can help improve target customer interest.
2. Convert: In this process, you have to make visitors feel interested in your brand, so they’re likely to become leads. Also, the key technique is engagement and interaction. For example, you can create marketing campaigns or distribute your sample product to new visitors.
3. Close: You have to figure out how to change leads to customers. You can start by accumulating their information and buying behaviors from membership or online accounts. Plus, if you want them to be one of your customers, you can send them offers or discounts. Hence, they will feel exclusive about your brand, and eventually decide to use your products and services.
4. Delight: This last stage is about keeping customers satisfied, and coming back to use your products or services again. When you make them feel impressed and become a promoter, this can create marketing strategies which are known as ‘word of mouth.’

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