How to become a good leader

Once in your lifetime, we believe you’ll receive an opportunity to work in an important role, a leader. Not everyone will have leadership skills, and today, we want to provide some useful tips for everyone who wants to be a leader. Before improving your leadership skills, you should analyze what is an essential part of being a leader for an organization, and what they lack. 

Here are the skills that leadership needed to currently have:

  • Courage (the ability to take risks) 

Being a brave leader doesn’t mean building up the gumption to do anything. On the other hand, the courage of a rational person is about understanding risks and making choices that yield the best results to your organization, and most of them must agree with you for risk-accepting.   

  • Interpersonal (to build relationships or teamwork)

Communicating with relevant people such as employees, customers, or shareholders is important to pay attention to them. Leadership should work well with others and have the ability to sustain and build a stable teamwork toward the same goal. Also, having this skill can show you’re a very responsible and attentive person to manage everything to be more effective. 

  • Decision making

A careful decision making will show your proficiency in choosing between two or more alternatives. This also directly affects your working process. Whether it’s good quality or not, you should make sure you can manage conflict and make the right decision on behalf of the organization. 

  • Empathy and emotional intelligence

Working with a large number of people, you should be open-minded and control your emotions as much as you can. This can show your ability to cope with difficult situations. In some cases, leaders who come from different cultures than their henchmen tend to have problems with emotional intelligence. ‘Culture’ may refer to class, education, family status, or even religion. It is really imperative to create a work system where people of all types and classes can work together effectively.

  • Distribution of workload

Delegated responsibility is essential for leadership if the leader knows that he cannot work in time, cannot control straffs, or does not have time to deal with important work due to being stuck with your full time. Thus, you may find someone to help you or hire more people. Some people believe that delegating work is a part of organizing workload systematically. 

Example of several lists of a leader qualities

  • External characteristics: It’s not about how beautiful or smart you are. Actually, it refers to having a healthy and good-natured condition. For example, you should have proper gestures and genuine facial expression when communicating with others. Thus, subordinates will respect and feel comfortable with you.
  • Internal characteristics
  • Foresightful vision and mindsets: 
  • Highly accountable traits: 

Why is being a good leader important? 

  • Embark on an initiative action: A leader is the first person who sets plans, policies, decisions to make subordinates follow. Thus, he or she has a massive impact in thriving the whole organization.
  • Guide and support employees: A leader is not only responsible for assigning work, but also encouraging every person in the organization. Plus, when subordinates want feedback or guidelines from you, you should be prejudice-free, and make them feel confident about their potential. Thus, these can result in better work efforts and effective work performance.
  • Maintain a positive work environment: A leader can shape the atmosphere of the workplace. Imagine you have to work with a leader that can’t handle problems systematically, and lack critical skills, or keep dominating employees. You won’t be able to work in a peaceful state, and likely to lose your wellbeing. That’s why a good leader is rare, and you should become one.

The ways to become a good leader

  1. Engage in open communication

Being an effective leader is knowing how to communicate with your employees. The communication style depends on each teammate, and it will take some time for you to understand everyone. But, believe us that if you know the proper way to approach your employees, it could build trust between you and your employees.

  1. Keep a positive attitude and be open-minded

The way you manage the negative situation or some obstacles will show who you really are. If you want to be a good leader, then try to focus on the positive things among the problems. It also affects the atmosphere of the team as well, and you don’t want a negative atmosphere, don’t you? Also, be open-minded and listen to your employees in order to build trust and enhance work performance altogether.

  1. Teach instead of order

People don’t like when they’re being ordered. Hence, if you want to be a good leader, you should show them the way and teach them rather than giving orders. Also, by ordering employees to do the job, the result may turn out not functional as the employees don’t have the real motivation to do their job.

  1. Set clear goals for employees and yourself

Setting the goals for the employees will make them understand what they should do for the company. It’s also important for them as it can show that you’re looking forward to seeing their performance. Plus, you as the leader, should set the goals, too. It could help you not to get lost in work and know what to do next to improve your performance.

  1. Ask and give feedbacks

To become a better person, people need feedback. When you validate your employees, give them feedback and some advice for them to develop themselves. Also, you should ask the employees for your feedback as well. Then, you and your teammate can grow and enhance together.

Someday, you’ll become a leader. Learning about leadership skills since this day could help you know faster what is your blind spot and what to fix. Also, for anyone who is already the leader, then check about these to review what quality you lack in order to become a better leader.

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